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Solar panels system zimbabwe

The solar panels harness photovoltaic energy from the sunshine or sunlight which is referred to as photons and absorbs the sun’s energy then converts it electricity which is in the form of DC (Direct Current). This technology falls under Alternative energy and is very simple, photovoltaic solar cells are put together, then assembled into arrays and from these solar arrays, electricity is generated. Solar panels are made from silicon cells, which may be Monocrystalline, polycrystalline or multicrystalline. These silicon cells have to be well taken of and usually most solar panel manufacturers laminate the crystalline cells with glass, since glass allows light to penetrate through it, and also serving as a protective sheet to the crystalline cells .This then makes solar panels fragile, and to improve the strength of the solar panels, solar panels manufacturers fasten aluminum frames right round the glass, making it a bit stronger.

Solar Panels Voltage& Amperage

Voltage of the solar panels are determined by the way the cells are arranged, for a higher voltage of the solar panel, cells are placed in a series fashion and if it’s the solar amps being targeted, cells are arranged in a parallel fashion, so the combination or the matrix of series and parallel determines the voltage and the amperage of each solar panel, which is then inscribed on the panel data-plate. As a result, we have solar panels such as 100 watts , 150 watts, 200 wats, 365watt, 400 watts, just to name a few. The generated electricity which we highlighted is in the form of direct current, is then transferred out of the solar panel through the photo-voltaic box down through photovoltaic solar cables which are coated in two colors with the positive photo-voltaic cable coming in red and the negative photovoltaic cable coming in black. The photo-voltaic cables or MC-4 connectors come in different shapes and sizes ranging from as low as 2mm PV cables to as high as 100mm PV cables. The larger the harvest of light energy, the thicker the pv cables sizes in mm. An electric circuit is formed when two good conductors of electricity are fastened and one terminal being positive and the other terminal being negative.

Solar panel cells which work best in Harare

The solar panels cells are made from semiconductors usually silicon covered with glass and framed with aluminum, thus making the solar panels very fragile, this is one of the main reasons why we offer free delivery of solar panels in and around Harare. There are various types of solar panels for Harare and Zimbabwe, but the mainly installed ones are Monocrystalline solar panels and polycrystalline solar panels

Solar panels come in different sizes as stipulated on the data-plate which is found behind the solar panel. Solar panels sole job is to fill up the solar batteries as fast as possible, so the more panels you have, the faster your batteries get filled up.

Solar panels installation in Harare

Solar panels in Harare are always installed facing the eastern side since that’s where the sunrise occurs and the solar panels have to be at an acute angle of 30 to 50 degrees, that way, the solar panels harvest as much sunlight as possible which they then convert into PV energy. Solar panels are fastened on a rail measuring 6 meters and 4 anti-theft units are installed on each solar panel to avoid loss to burglars