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Brentwill Solar Energy retails and wholesales photo voltaic cell Monocrystalline solar panels with free delivery in and around Harare.

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We offer quality home solar solutions and industrial solar solutions to curb the power crisis in Harare and Zimbabwe at large. We also partner quality brands in providing you GEL and lithium solar batteries, hybrid inverter, quality charge controllers, solar rails, solar photo voltaic connecting cables, solar lugs etc making us a one stop shop for all your solar system requirements. we are reachable in Harare/Zimbabwe for all your frequently asked questions and inquiries on +263773407196, or check in on our solar friendly website We incorporate our know-how and expertize to constantly improve the efficiency and quality of our services.



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Enhance your efficiency and productivity with electric production through the natural source of energy-sun!
Brentwill makes the exact combination of natural source and right machinery, to target the electricity seamlessly through functional solar panels. Compete the needs with this leading corporate which is the best solution as distributor as well as supplier for power. Have the electricity in the most effective way through this apt corporate!

What is Solar Panel?

The solar panel is a modern and clean source of energy production. However, its matrix of PV cells absorbs energy from the sun and converts it to electricity to meet today's needs most adequately. Yes, solar Panel Suppliers Harare is one of the most reasonable sources to rely on for electricity production. Rather you need electricity for your home or commercial usage; it's the most affordable source for all of you. Assure you it saves your bank while fulfilling your necessities in the way you wish ever. While installing this panel for daily appliances, you lower the dependency on utility companies. Thus you experience a reduction in electricity bills.

The solar panel is valuable for the production of electricity through solar cells or heat engines. Also, you may use it to remove the extra salt from seawater. Even you may use its energy for the drying of clothes. For better photosynthesis, this energy is useful for plants and many more. So, for heating, cooking, and drying, Solar panel Solutions Harare is the most reliable way. Lovely to have clean, cheap as well as a new means of electricity production!

Why you need a Solar Panel?

Indeed you need to use the solar panels as an energy producer to live in a clean and healthy environment while meeting your demands. Plus the more alluring point for it is money saving due to the reduction in electricity bills. To be accurate, its highly environment-friendly other than fuels and coal. So, it's good to invest in green energy to compete for global warming. For enhanced security sense Solar panel Distributors Harare is value able. If you want to be independent in your electric grid, it's an excellent way with self-sufficient electricity. More it's the functional for backup of power. You may hook photovoltaic cells with batteries to be hybrid for on as well as off-grid systems.

If you want to get rid of the financial issues of the electricity bills, then the use of solar panels is suitable for long life money-saving. The cost of installing the utility line for you is more than solar panels. Moreover, it's the way to rebound the energy to the utility grid by selling electricity. All in all, to save your money to keep the greenhouse free of harmful rays, the solar panel is the need of today. Moreover, it benefits you while supporting national interests as well as businesses.

What is Photo Voltaic Cell Monocrystalline Solar Panels?

Photovoltaic solar panel

The photovoltaic cell in solar panels is the component to absorb solar energy. In PV panels, solar heat directly forms the electricity other than monocrystalline.

Monocrystalline solar panel

With the combination of the monocrystalline solar cells, you may increase the efficiency of electric production. These cells being cylindrical silicon metal is in slices, just like the wafers to make the cells. Due to high-quality silicon grade for the monocrystalline form, it's the best inefficiency. Thus its highest efficacy rates prove it to be the best solar panel.

Which Solar Panel is Best?

The solar panel with a remarkable efficiency rate and warranty is the only one to rely on you. Remarkably monocrystalline solar panel with its highest efficiency rate and several years warranty are the better in its functioning. Be aware of the latest knowledge that monocrystalline lets you enjoy 20-25 years of warranty. Instead, film solar panels are only with 2-3 years of warranty.

Why Choose Brentwill as your Solar Panel Company?

If you want to be satisfied with the quality and functional panels of energy with high reliability, this company is highly reliable. Its products are with the latest standards not only helps you to be hassle-free but let you enjoy the precious money saving.

  • Further, Solar panel Providers Harare involves:
  • Production of high-quality solar panels
  • With strong corporate
  • Reputable support center
  • Qualified staff
  • Reasonable price

Reliable quality

Relax with the best quality than ever for precise electric production from sunlight! With the high standard raw material and sound engineering, the solar panels come into being. No fake and low-quality content anymore! The components of its groups are durable and long-lasting. The batteries and solar plates are thoroughly tested and up to the mark. So, it serves you remarkably.

Strong corporate

Brentwill is one of the strongest corporate that is leading with dignity and expertise. However, this large group is with the latest tool and skills to make possible the energy production in the least budget. With the excellent management and customize utility of natural resources, it creates the energy of equal quality for all larger firms and tiny chambers or houses. Head up to compete for the needs most pleasingly with this association!

Support of expert team

Well, to be safe from all types of wears and tears, it supports you with highly qualified staff. All the engineers are with several years of experience are working devotedly. Plus, they are with up to mark knowledge of tech to sort out all the problems to make your life easier and comfortable.

Active support center

Perk up your knowledge with the right information about the solar panels through its vibrant support center. To help you in the direction of the selection of the best one, this centre provides you all the details that you need. Assure you the friendly and trustworthy communication to save your time.

Reasonable price

No doubt, the market is full of many companies, but to target the quality at a favorable rate is the main. For this purpose, this company lets you choose from the variety that suits your budget without compromising on quality. No matter you want to pick the solar panel for the small or more significant unit, the rate of Solar panel Supplier in Zimbabwe is in your favor while serving you the best.

Solar panels for sale in Harare

Harare is home to arguably the fastest growing solar city in Sub Saharan Africa as a result of the push factors triggered by an average of 19 hours power cut by ZESA, and as a result, the sales of solar panels has mushroomed on literally every street in the city as solar panels wholesalers and retailers scramble sell solar panels in Harare Zimbabwe. There are two main classes of solar panels sold notably 1) Polycrystalline and 2) Monocrystalline solar panels. The Monocrystalline referred to by many installers as mono, is the most sought after and as a result their price is on the higher edge. An average 370w Monocrystalline solar panel is sold in Harare from $180 to $210 depending on the solar retailer or wholesaler. There are many different kinds of solar panels sold in Harare with the most common brands being the Artsolar mono solar panel and the Canadian poly solar panel. Most installers prefer to sell or buy on behalf of their clients the Monocrystalline solar panel because of its increased efficiency in drawing Direct current from the sun. An average Canadian solar panel is sold or bought for $180 in Harare Zimbabwe. It is always critical to inspect the data-plate before purchasing the solar panels.

Solar panel Data plate & warranty

The data-plate on a solar panel is a silver paper inscribed in black ink, which has all the features of a solar panel and its features. The data plate is found on the back of the solar panels and the data contained therein is critical in meeting solar system requirements, and thus should be studied with absolute attention and maximum concentration. The data-plate mentions the open circuit voltage of a solar panel, the maximum power voltage discharged from the solar panel, and the maximum system voltage measured in direct current. Particular attention should be directed toward the data-plate to avoid loss of property and or life. The solar panels sold in Harare differ on warranty but usually have a 3months to 5 years warranty depending on where you purchased your solar panel in Harare Zimbabwe.

370w Monocrystalline Solar panel features

The 370w Monocrystalline solar panel has an open circuit voltage of 48.2v, a maximum power of 39.6v, and a maximum DC system voltage of 1500v. The same 370w mono solar panel has a short circuit current of 9.8amps, maximum power of 9.35amp and reversed current of 16amp. The data plate on a solar panel also advises the installer that the panel comes attached with solar mc4 connectors that is DC Positive and DC negative, the 370 mono weighs 21kgs and has standard door size dimensions of 1956*992*40mm.This Monocrystalline solar panel was tested under stringent conditions of 1000w/m2 and 25℃ with approximately 5% tolerance levels. As a result of these very high voltage features on this solar panel, it is not advised to connect the solar panel under load or to remove it under load, disconnect first before adding it to the solar system or removing the panel. It is advised to thoroughly read the manual before servicing it, installation, or operating the panel since it is rated extremely dangerous.

How to install / mount solar panels on roofs in Harare

Harare has two main types of roof were solar panels are mounted on notably 1) cement roof tiles and 2) asbestos roofs. Mounting the solar panels on a cement roof is very easy. One needs a 6meters long solar strut, which is drilled and then bolted on the tile mounting solar brackets, the solar brackets are then slid between cement roof tiles and mounted onto the timber roof trusses. Thereafter, anti-theft units (4 per every solar panel) are then slid onto the solar panel and clipped onto the solar rail. It is recommended to mount solar panels at 45 degrees facing the eastern side. Many installers always connect and make solar panels face the sun’s rays at the day of installation which is completely wrong, in winter the direction of the sun changes, so in summer, so in spring, so it is always best to install the panels on the eastern side. That way, the mounting of solar panels on the roof is complete and the next stage would be to have DC cable connections.

Connection of Direct current cables onto solar panels mc4 connectors

Depending on your system requirements, solar panels are connected in series, or parallel, or both in series and then later in parallel. It is critical to read the data-plate behind the solar panel before connecting the mc4 connectors and comparing it to the data-plate on the inverter and making sure that the correct connection is done. To connect your solar panels in series, it’s done through attaching the negative mc4 on solar panel A to the positive mc4 connector on solar panel B. That way our solar panel is perfectly connected in series, and then later connected to the other sets of solar panels in parallel, this is done to achieve the minimum direct current that is both voltage and amperage in order to meet the min system requirements

Solar panels Direct current circuit Breakers

From the solar panels attached in either series, parallel or both parallel and series, the Positive and negative Direct current (DC) cables find their way through the ceiling through the solar trunking, to the DC Circuit breaker. The DC Circuit breaker is an important element on the solar system and we recommend the use of a 2 pore DC Circuit breaker for both the DC+ and the DC-. The circuit breaker avoids high amperage from the solar panels to find its way to the solar inverter. Inverters usually have a range of 40amp to 140amp inbuilt solar charge controller, and in the event that lightning strikes, the amperage may increase to as high as 400amp thus, coming down straight to burn the solar inverter and once this happens, the inverter completely fails and reports error 9. To avoid lightning strikes, a double pore breaker simply trips in the event of lightning striking the solar panels thus saving the system. The DC breaker also protects the solar panels from damage when the inverter in error returns pv power back to the solar panels, thus burning the solar panel diode housed in the solar panel. A DC breaker comes in handy to save the solar panels, lithium ion solar batteries and the solar system in general since Harare Zimbabwe has sporadic lightning strikes.

Battery for Solar Systems - Harare

Each solar battery modules comes along with specifications, showing the battery's capacity and ability to store and discharge solar energy thus lighting up the home or industry The battery is very important on a solar system because it is the reservoir of power, without the battery, there is no way of storing the direct current, procured from the sun via the monocrystalline solar panels in Harare Many a times, clients always ask what type of a solar battery should i buy and what specs of solar batteries are for sale in Harare.

Solar battery storage system

The answer to your solar battery storage system requirements lies in the number of gadgets and electrical items you intend to run when the sun is no longer shinning on the solar panel. The bigger your solar battery, the more time you go with alternative green energy solutions throughout the night. The quantity of batteries installed on a solar system are refered to as a solar battery bank on a technical basis, and the bigger your battery bank, the bigger your ability to go long on reserve green energy power

Brentwill Solar lithium ion batteries price $1600

Solar lithium and GEL Batteries

Each solar battery be it lithium or GEL comes along with a positive and a negative terminal from which direct current used to power up the solar system emerges from. It is always key to protect your solar system once installing through Direct current circuit breakers which protect the panels and inverter from lightning strikes, then the fuse banks which protect the inverter and the battery . On a lithium ion and GEL related solar system it is recommended to put the 63amp DC breakers and the 63amp to 153amp fuse banks depending on the solar inverter's absorption's ability. The most sought after solar batteries in Harare Zimbabwe are the 48 Volts 3.5kwh Pylontech US3000 lithium ion batteries priced for $1600, the 48V 3.5kwh Dyness lithium ion batteries priced at $1400 and the 48 volts 4.8kwh Leoch li-ion lithium ion batteries priced $2000

48v Pylontech 3.5kwh lithium ion battery specifications

  • Brand- Pylontech lithium ion batteries
  • Nominal Voltage 48v
  • Nominal Capacity 3552 watt hours
  • Usable capacity 3200 watt hours
  • Dimensions 442*420*132
  • Weiight 32kgs
  • Discharge Voltage 45 to 53.5 volts
  • Charge voltage 52.5 to 53.5 volts
  • Charge/Discharge Current 37 to 74 amps or 100 peak at 15s
  • Communication port RS485

48v Pylontech 2.4kwh lithium ion battery’s specifications

  • Brand- 2.4kwh Pylontech lithium ion batteries
  • Nominal Voltage 48v
  • Nominal Capacity 2400 watt hours
  • Usable capacity 2200 watt hours
  • Dimensions 442*410*89
  • Weight 24kgs
  • Discharge Voltage 45 to 53.5 volts
  • Charge voltage 52.5 to 53.5 volts
  • Charge/Discharge Current 25 to 50 amps or 100 peak at 15s
  • Life Cycle >6000, 25℃
  • Communication port RS485

48v B4850 Dyness 2.4kwh lithium ion battery’s specifications

  • Brand- 2.4kwh Dyness lithium ion batteries
  • Battery type: LifePO4
  • Nominal Battery Energy 2.4kwh
  • Nominal Capacity: 50AH
  • Nominal Voltage 48v
  • Charging cut off voltage 54volts
  • Discharging end off voltage 40.5volts
  • Recommended C Rate 0.5c
  • Weight 22kgs
  • Dimensions 480x360x90mm
  • Discharging temperature -20 to 50℃
  • Calendar Life Cycle >6000
  • Communication CAN RS485 DRY Contact

48v B3 Dyness 3.6kwh lithium ion battery features

  • Brand- 3.6kwh Dyness lithium ion batteries
  • Nominal Battery Energy 3.6kwh
  • Nominal Capacity: 75AH
  • Nominal Voltage 48v
  • Charging cut off voltage 54volts
  • Discharging end off voltage 40.5volts
  • Recommended C Rate 0.5c
  • Weight 30kgs
  • Dimensions 480x360x133.5mm
  • Discharging temperature -20 to 50℃
  • Calendar Life Cycle >6000
  • Communication CAN RS485 DRY

48v Averge Leoch 4.8kwh lithium ion battery’s specifications

  • Brand- 4.8kwh Leoch lithium ion batteries
  • Battery Model LFeLi-48100TA
  • Lithium ion Battery Rated Capacity (5HR) 100 Ah
  • Nominal Lithium ion module Voltage 48.0 V
  • Solar battery Discharge Ending Voltage 42.0 V
  • Equalized Charging Voltage 52.5V-54.0 V
  • Battery Floating Charging Voltage 51.0V-51.75 V
  • Maximum Battry Charging Current 100 A
  • Maximum Continue Battery Discharging Current 100 A
  • Weight 46 Kg
  • Display Without display screen

Solar batteries for sale in Harare

Brentwill solar has entered the solar space in style and now offers Gel solar batteries, Deep cycle solar batteries and lithium ion solar batteries in Harare Zimbabwe. We are an official distributor of Dyness and Pylontech lithium ion batteries in Harare. We have the brand new boxed Pylontech 3.5kwh US3000 lithium ion battery going for $1600 with free delivery in and around Harare Zimbabwe. We also have the Pylontech 2.4kwh US2000 lithium ion battery going for $1100. We also do the Leoch Li-ion lithium battery priced at $2000. We are a distributor of Dyness 2.4kwh, 3.5kwh B4850and B3 lithium ion battery going for $1000 and $1400 respectively. Our batteries are top quality and come with a 10 year warranty thus perfectly fitting solar systems requirements in Harare Zimbabwe

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