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365W Monocrystalline solar panel features


Why choose the 365W Mono solar panel

Full black design This panel measures 1950 mm * 992 mm * 40 mm and has 72 cells, coming on full black, emitting open circuit voltage of 47.8 Volts , Maximum power of 39.3 Volts Max system DC 1000 Volts, short circuit current of 9.75 Amp, Max power 9.29 Amp, it has MC4 Connectors with a total weight of 21 kg, the make of this panel is Artsolar and this photo voltaic cell monocrystalline Solar panel is manufactured in South Africa following strict standards which qualify in Harare and Zimbabwe. We also do free delivery for the 365 Watt mono solar panel in and around Harare


Harare Free Delivery of panels

Monocrystalline solar panels are 1950mm*992mm*40mm which is equivalent to a standard door, as a result of their fragile nature, since they have a glass in the front, we offer free delivery by carefully handling, transporting and delivering the solar panel at your doorstep thus no need to stress yourself on transporting logistics, we have you covered all the way. Free delivery in and around Harare

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