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Brentwill Solar Energy retails and wholesales photo voltaic cell Monocrystalline solar panels with free delivery in and around Harare.


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Quality is critical to satisfying our customers and retaining their loyalty, we guarantee quality
Solar panels.

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Free Delivery in and around Harare

No need to stress yourself on transporting logistics, we have you covered. Free delivery of
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We offer quality home solar solutions and industrial solar solutions to curb the power crisis in Harare and Zimbabwe at large. We also partner quality brands in providing you GEL and lithium solar batteries, hybrid inverter, quality charge controllers, solar rails, solar photo voltaic connecting cables, solar lugs etc making us a one stop shop for all your solar system requirements. we are reachable in Harare/Zimbabwe for all your frequently asked questions and inquiries on +263773407196, or check in on our solar friendly website We incorporate our know-how and expertize to constantly improve the efficiency and quality of our services.



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Enhance your efficiency and productivity with electric production through the natural source of energy-sun!
Brentwill makes the exact combination of natural source and right machinery, to target the electricity seamlessly through functional solar panels. Compete the needs with this leading corporate which is the best solution as distributor as well as supplier for power. Have the electricity in the most effective way through this apt corporate!

What is Solar Panel?

The solar panel is a modern and clean source of energy production. However, its matrix of PV cells absorbs energy from the sun and converts it to electricity to meet today's needs most adequately. Yes, solar Panel Suppliers Harare is one of the most reasonable sources to rely on for electricity production. Rather you need electricity for your home or commercial usage; it's the most affordable source for all of you. Assure you it saves your bank while fulfilling your necessities in the way you wish ever. While installing this panel for daily appliances, you lower the dependency on utility companies. Thus you experience a reduction in electricity bills.

The solar panel is valuable for the production of electricity through solar cells or heat engines. Also, you may use it to remove the extra salt from seawater. Even you may use its energy for the drying of clothes. For better photosynthesis, this energy is useful for plants and many more. So, for heating, cooking, and drying, Solar panel Solutions Harare is the most reliable way. Lovely to have clean, cheap as well as a new means of electricity production!

Why you need a Solar Panel?

Indeed you need to use the solar panels as an energy producer to live in a clean and healthy environment while meeting your demands. Plus the more alluring point for it is money saving due to the reduction in electricity bills. To be accurate, its highly environment-friendly other than fuels and coal. So, it's good to invest in green energy to compete for global warming. For enhanced security sense Solar panel Distributors Harare is value able. If you want to be independent in your electric grid, it's an excellent way with self-sufficient electricity. More it's the functional for backup of power. You may hook photovoltaic cells with batteries to be hybrid for on as well as off-grid systems.

If you want to get rid of the financial issues of the electricity bills, then the use of solar panels is suitable for long life money-saving. The cost of installing the utility line for you is more than solar panels. Moreover, it's the way to rebound the energy to the utility grid by selling electricity. All in all, to save your money to keep the greenhouse free of harmful rays, the solar panel is the need of today. Moreover, it benefits you while supporting national interests as well as businesses.

What is Photo Voltaic Cell Monocrystalline Solar Panels?

Photovoltaic solar panel

The photovoltaic cell in solar panels is the component to absorb solar energy. In PV panels, solar heat directly forms the electricity other than monocrystalline.

Monocrystalline solar panel

With the combination of the monocrystalline solar cells, you may increase the efficiency of electric production. These cells being cylindrical silicon metal is in slices, just like the wafers to make the cells. Due to high-quality silicon grade for the monocrystalline form, it's the best inefficiency. Thus its highest efficacy rates prove it to be the best solar panel.

Which Solar Panel is Best?

The solar panel with a remarkable efficiency rate and warranty is the only one to rely on you. Remarkably monocrystalline solar panel with its highest efficiency rate and several years warranty are the better in its functioning. Be aware of the latest knowledge that monocrystalline lets you enjoy 20-25 years of warranty. Instead, film solar panels are only with 2-3 years of warranty.

Why Choose Brentwill as your Solar Panel Company?

If you want to be satisfied with the quality and functional panels of energy with high reliability, this company is highly reliable. Its products are with the latest standards not only helps you to be hassle-free but let you enjoy the precious money saving.

  • Further, Solar panel Providers Harare involves:
  • Production of high-quality solar panels
  • With strong corporate
  • Reputable support center
  • Qualified staff
  • Reasonable price

Reliable quality

Relax with the best quality than ever for precise electric production from sunlight! With the high standard raw material and sound engineering, the solar panels come into being. No fake and low-quality content anymore! The components of its groups are durable and long-lasting. The batteries and solar plates are thoroughly tested and up to the mark. So, it serves you remarkably.

Strong corporate

Brentwill is one of the strongest corporate that is leading with dignity and expertise. However, this large group is with the latest tool and skills to make possible the energy production in the least budget. With the excellent management and customize utility of natural resources, it creates the energy of equal quality for all larger firms and tiny chambers or houses. Head up to compete for the needs most pleasingly with this association!

Support of expert team

Well, to be safe from all types of wears and tears, it supports you with highly qualified staff. All the engineers are with several years of experience are working devotedly. Plus, they are with up to mark knowledge of tech to sort out all the problems to make your life easier and comfortable.

Active support center

Perk up your knowledge with the right information about the solar panels through its vibrant support center. To help you in the direction of the selection of the best one, this centre provides you all the details that you need. Assure you the friendly and trustworthy communication to save your time.

Reasonable price

No doubt, the market is full of many companies, but to target the quality at a favorable rate is the main. For this purpose, this company lets you choose from the variety that suits your budget without compromising on quality. No matter you want to pick the solar panel for the small or more significant unit, the rate of Solar panel Supplier in Zimbabwe is in your favor while serving you the best.

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